All of us want to speak good English. Don’t we? If we speak good English we will get respect from our colleagues, clients and competitors. Can you use this lockdown period, when economic activity and businesses are down, to improve your business? You have free time now, why don’t you use this time to prepare. […]

A shift in the legal world – CLAT exam

Thanks to COVID-19 the entire legal world needs a strategic shift and lawyers have to align themselves to a new thought process. The questions which arise in our mind are – could China and WHO be penalized for their depravity and ineptitude? Who would bell the cat for this inexorable blunder? Are we legally equipped […]

The new CAT approach

The new CAT approach

There will be an orthogonal shift. This word came into being to depict the shift from the number plane to the complex plane. Will businesses morph into an unfigurable form in the future? Thanks to COVID-19. Would real estates come down crashing? Who wants a brick and motor business now-a-days in this virtual world? What […]

CAT Exam

Preparation for the CAT Verbal section

Preparation for the CAT Verbal section Stalin on being asked – why USSR (former Russian block) was an iron wall (a place from which no information leaked out) stated –  2 steps backward to move one step forward. Thanks to Corona, we have certainly moved 2 steps backward. Now that IMF proclaims that recession has […]

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CLAT preparation – books to read

CLAT preparation – books to read This is my appeal to the students preparing for the CLAT entrance. What is the pre requisite to clearing the CLAT exam and becoming a most sought after lawyer? PASSION? What is the derivative of passion? Information…who could provide information? The one who has gone down the path. Here […]

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Minor Changes in the IELTS Listening Test

TRICHY PLUS, is a training Centre in THILLAINAGAR, TRICHY. In this centre, training is provided for The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) which is a mandatory test that measures the language proficiency of the individual who wants to study or work overseas, where English is used as a language of communication. This Training centre […]

How to bell the CLAT? (Common Law Admission Test)

When does a lawyer speak the truth? When he doesn’t open his mouth. Lawyer jokes run galore but imagine a nation without good lawyers. There are 3 million cases held up in litigation in our country – unlaid roads, incomplete projects, unfinished bridges, scores of people held in jail for many years for a sentence […]



GATEFORUM TRICHY students Mr.T.Prabakar (Anna University Pattukkottai), Mr.Ajey Vignesh (SASTRA) and Ms.Renganayaki (K.Ramakrishnan College of Engineering) from Electrical and Electronics Engineering department has joined for GATE Exam Coaching with us. They had joined for classroom coaching which contains: Weekend classes for Technical coaching, Study materials Online test series. Hyderabad classes video lectures All of them […]


Prove your English skills with PTE Academic

PTE Academic is a fully digital test is delivered through Pearson VUE, the computer-based testing business of Pearson. The latest AI technology is used for scoring; biometric data collection provides enhanced security measures and voice recognition software is applied for the speaking element of the test. The test ensures the provision of an impartial and […]