Spoken English Classes

    Overview of the Course:

         Speak Good English improves the English helps individuals to communicate. Speak good English helps candidates to improve oral and written English Skills. This course is useful as a primary program for candidates with a low standard for English, prior to attempting the IELTS. The purpose of this 6 weeks programme is to help potential jobseekers, students, homemakers, candidates who want to migrate and need to pass English Language Examinations. Any individual with the desire to upgrade their English Language skills can take this programme. This course helps to neutralize your English accent making it easy for others to understand you better when you speak English.

    The important Factors that we provide:

    • In this Speak Good English course we offer a combination of vocabulary, grammar and various methods of enhancing both verbal and Written English language communication.
    • We make essay writing, newspaper reading, reviewing books and movies, group discussions and debates as zero-stress learning activities.
    • Accent training classes and CD are included.
    • Course pattern includes GBEDSW (Grammar, Book, English Only, Dictionary words, Speaking, Writing) Weekly tests will be held.
    • This programme unleashes your potential.

    To Know more regarding the Syllabus, Eligibility Criteria, Exam Pattern and much more.

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