Spoken English Online Classes

Spoken English Online Classes


    Ms Manimala is an IAS aspirant. She was on the lookout for the best Online Spoken English course. She cited on our online English classes and our Spoken English classes on Youtube.

    After attending 1 Free online Spoken English class, she joined our online course. Manimala saw amazing results; her confidence grew by the day with the love and care of Shiv and Savy.

    Every person wants to learn English. Our biggest fear is that other students may laugh at us, we may make a fool of ourselves and the teacher may scold us. This will never happen to you in Shiv and Savy’s class. You will only get love, confidence and friendship.

    “This is the best online Spoken English Class in India. I have enrolled many other students in this course including my own brother and sister.” Manimala.


    Mr Rajavelrathinam, a Senior Executive from a leading IT firm in Bangalore approached us a couple of months back for Business English classes online.

    He asked for a training to improve his – Purchasing Skills, Negotiation Skills, to have better Relationship with his Team, ask for a Raise from Boss and skills to Closing a Sale.

    Initially we gave him a Business English Online class free.

    He needed English Classes for business which would help him to communicate his thoughts and deliver his ideas. After intensive training from Mr Sivakumar, our CEO, Rajavel was able to see a perceptible difference in his communication. As a result of the program he got a 25% raise in his salary and that too during these Covid times.

    To Know more regarding the Syllabus, Eligibility Criteria, Exam Pattern and much more.

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