CLAT preparation – books to read

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CLAT preparation – books to read

This is my appeal to the students preparing for the CLAT entrance. What is the pre requisite to clearing the CLAT exam and becoming a most sought after lawyer?

PASSION? What is the derivative of passion? Information…who could provide information? The one who has gone down the path.

Here is a great opportunity for you to soak your genetic material with the information and the anecdotes that the top-notch lawyers have provided. I would suggest some books that you can read during this hiatus from normal life, as you are cocooned in the precincts of your house.

Douse and impregnate yourself with the following books:

  1. Before memory fades – an autobiography of Fali Nariman

Fali Nariman was a high profile lawyer. He shares his experiences as a senior advocate in Supreme Court. His resignation from the post of additional solicitor general in a protest against Indra Gandhi’s declaration of emergency.

  1. Tomorrow’s Lawyers – Richard Susskind

This book talks about virtual quotes; internet based global legal business, online document production and legal process outsourcing. This is a must read for futuristic students as social distancing could become a norm and businesses shift online.

  1. To Kill a Mocking Bird – Harper Lee

For those who love fiction, grab this book and watch the once in a lifetime performance by Gregory Peck on screen. It is a touching story about prejudice, violence and hypocrisy set in the backdrop of the great depression. The way the story unravels and the reasoning process is destined to make you fall in love with the legal profession.


There are hundreds of books and hundreds of movies to gain perspectives about this noble profession. But Rome is not built in a day.

Saturate every cell of your body, each of which deals with a separate context and gung-ho, you are ready for the storm from the best CLAT coaching center, TRICHY PLUS – which will set you on fire.

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