The new CAT approach

There will be an orthogonal shift. This word came into being to depict the shift from the number plane to the complex plane. Will businesses morph into an unfigurable form in the future? Thanks to COVID-19.

Would real estates come down crashing? Who wants a brick and motor business now-a-days in this virtual world? What would be the shape of our big fat Indian weddings in an era of social distancing? Would the industrial pattern of our education system disrupt into a myriad number of phantasmagoric images? Would there be a disruption in tourism, travel and entertainment with VR becoming the order of the day. Would branding be blown to smithereens with locavores coming to the forte?

Would the Harvard’s and the IIM’s fade into darkness as every individual would get access to this so called competitive ‘for a few elite’ industry get into oblivion, ultimately who are they to dictate terms?

Trichy Plus through its CAT coaching has always believed in its multi-dimensional approach. We have worked hard in these 22 years to push IQ to the backseat and make the students enter the world of IQ, EQ, FQ and SQ. Our objective is to make the young minds envision various scenarios in the near foreseeable future.

So students and parents wake up to the reality of this hour where an MBA has to add new meaning to this antiquated science and make our children future ready.

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