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The Glass Ceiling in the House

Why is a queen of Travancore, who championed for the minorities, the women, the entrepreneurs and Dalits,  never extolled by the people or the historians? What is the background of Raja Ravi Varma, the famous painter? The details of all the above was  explained by Nirmala aunty and Sasi uncle in their review of the […]

Meeting with the Counsel General of South Korea

I met Mr.Kyungsoo Kim , Consulate General of South Korea  at a meeting organised by CII at PLA Hotel, Trichy On 29th October 29th . What did I learn from him? 1.       4000 expatriates from South Korea live in Chennai. 2.       South Koreans love golf. 3.       There are 70 ancillary industries which supply parts to Hyundai […]

Bhutan, the world’s first carbon negative country

On 18/9/2016, Suresh uncle, who was a teacher and a resident of Bhutan, gave an awareness program on Bhutan. Two of his Bhutanese students, who are currently in Coimbatore, drove all their way to give our students insight into their country. Listed below are the points I gathered from them. 1.       This country is called Drugale, […]

E. Sridharan, Immanuel Kant and Actor Suriya Sivakumar

31st of October , 2016 was a memorable day. Thanks to the MAM college team, I was able to participate in  inter- school competitions. I performed beyond my expectations and won coveted Ms. Mamaria prize.  I had brief interaction with Actor Surya on stage. Initially, I was very nervous in the presence of Surya. Right words did […]

Quizzing at its Best

On the 8th of November, I attended a quiz conducted by Barry O’Brien. The quiz was organised by students of BIM. I was amazed at the knowledge exhibited by the participants. There was a round where advertisements of two products were mixed and shown. Bingo chips and Britannia were put in one basket, so was […]

A Meet with the Veteran

Tete–a–Tete with Mr. Srinivasan K Swami, Chairman, R K Swamy BBDO Associates. Recently,  I attended the YI summit in Trichy which was organised by students from BIM. The speaker, Mr. Srinivasan was an excellent raconteur. He weaved a wonderful story on how many products got revived at the end of their product life cycle. He shared […]

I shook hands with Nelson Mandela

How do you feel if you could meet face to face with one of the greatest men ever to have walked on this planet? On Sunday evening (27th  November) I had a wonderful conversation with a retired journalist with 30 years of international experience, Ms. Kamatchy Sappani. She was a very energetic, bright-eyed woman who […]

Following Your Bliss

Author Joseph Campbell often talked about ‘following your bliss’. There is this bus driver in Chicago who does just that. He sings while he drives. That’s right… sings! And he doesn’t sing. Softly to himself either. He sings so loudly that the whole bus can hear! All day long he drives and sings. He was […]