Meeting with the Counsel General of South Korea

I met Mr.Kyungsoo Kim , Consulate General of South Korea  at a meeting organised by CII at PLA Hotel, Trichy On 29th October 29th .

What did I learn from him?

1.       4000 expatriates from South Korea live in Chennai.

2.       South Koreans love golf.

3.       There are 70 ancillary industries which supply parts to Hyundai in Chennai. These companies also export their products.

4.       Korea is very strong in ship building and petrochemical industries.

5.       The Koreans are very hard working people, primarily agriculturalist. Their slogan in ‘KORANDO’, which means Koreans, can do.

What does the Counsel General admire about India?

1.       He admires our culture and our way of living.

2.       He shared his admiration for Aravind Eye Hospital, Madurai, which does eye surgery for the weakest section of society at no cost.

3.       He was very positive about the progress taking place in Trichy and Tamil Nadu and mentioned about G. K. Industries and the industrial hub in Nagapattinam.

Question he was asked.

1.       One gentleman asked him to provide technology for manufacturing jaggery. I was slightly dismayed that a country with a population of 1300 million with the largest number of engineers and technocrats would need support from a small country with a population less than half of Tamil Nadu for the manufacture of even jaggery.

2.       I had come across an article which mentioned that 50% of the children between the age of 12 and 19 wish to commit suicide. I found this percentage staggering. When I asked the Counsel why this was so, he replied that the parents sacrifice all their resources to bring up their child and the children were obligated to live up to the expectation of their parents.

With intense competition among the Koreans many of the children would not be able to meet their parents’ demands. I personally feel that this kind of stress should not amount to suicide.

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